Backup your files using
cloud storage service.

Cloud OS

The Cloud OS web app is an ideal platform to store files of all sorts of formats and in the process keep them safe and secure. You are able to use a cloud storage that will contain your photos, video, documents and many more files that are accepted on the cloud. Knowing your data is securely stored is assuring and helps to keep things in order and organised. What’s more is registration is not required, and all you have to do login using a social media profile and you are ready to use the platform anywhere.

Access Whenever

Being able to have access to your files during the day is very important, especially for those that work in office and in the field, Cloud OS works in their favour to accelerate their productivity and be resourceful. If you are travelling a lot and need access to music or videos to entertain yourself, you are able to quickly login and view your files online.

Data Control

With the cloud storage web app you no longer have to worry that your files may be subjected to damage or worrying that the files may be lost as the files will be in Cloud OS all the time. You are in control of your data and have the ability to manage your life via the cloud storage.

Backup Your Data

If any of your devices stop working suddenly, you will be reassured that they have been backed up and even if your devices don’t fail, it’s always wise to store the most important files on the cloud storage in cases where you data is subject to virus or there is a internal issue with your device and your files can damage.


Upload Files

Most files are accepted with the Cloud OS storage and you don’t have to worry about the format of files as they are easy uploaded and stored for future reference.

Higher Uptime

If you choose our web app, you will be endowed with higher uptime. You can carry on your application development or data backup process without facing any service interruptions.

Responsive Interface

Users can access their data through different sorts of devices featuring different screen resolution. Responsive interface helps users to access their storage account from any devices they like.

Easy to Use

The virtual environment of this service is easy to understand and easy to be used.

  • Free 250 MB

    Try for free.

  • Access From any device

    Use our web app from Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone.

  • Access from everywhere

    You only need internet connection.

  • Open on Startup

    Open on computer startup.

  • High Uptime Guarantee

    Our web app using the latest technologies.

  • Homepage

    You can set Cloud OS as your default homepage.



  • $0 / monthly
  • 250 MB


  • $2 / monthly
  • 5 GB


  • $6 / monthly
  • 50 GB


  • $12 / monthly
  • 250 GB


  • $17 / monthly
  • 500 GB
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